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10 ways to go fishing in Denmark

Denmark has tons of exciting fishing opportunities for tourists or local beginners and this article is an appetizer to 10 of the many fun ways you can go fishing in here. 

1) Coastal fishing for seatrout

Denmark is one of the best countries on the planet if you want to catch seatrouts from the coast. We have more than 7.300 KM coastline and you can catch seatrout on most of the coast all over the country regardless if you are going to Jylland, Fyn, Sjælland, the Islands or Bornholm. Especially in Jylland there are a number of streams where the trouts go to breed, and the last 25 years the wild population has been supplemented by systematic releases which has resulted in some great fishing for both local and foreign anglers. Today the fishing is superb and you can catch seatrouts all year round on spin, fly and bombarda on the Danish coast.

Helpful links:

Seatrouting (personal blog about flyfishing on the Danish coast)

Seatrout Fyn (guide to seatrout fishing on Fyn)

Seatrout fishing on Møn (guide to seatrout fishing on Møn)

2) Urban fishing for cod

Fishing in Copenhagen for cod totally exploded during 2017 and no wonder. Fishing is a great way for locals and tourists to enjoy the city and maybe bring home a fish for dinner. I´ve written a lot about this wonderful type of fishing in this article.

Helpful links:

Fishing in Copenhagen (a guide to 5 great places to go fishing in Copenhagen)

Where are you allowed to go fishing? (Learn where you can and can´t go fishing in the city.)

3) Lake fishing for pike

Scandinavian freshwater fishing for pike is exceptional and Denmark is no exception. Every year monster pikes up to 120 cm are caught all over the country. In 2017 a new Danish record weighing more than 22 kg was caught in a private lake. Even though fish above 6 kg are not caught everyday, then pike fishing is a great way for foreign anglers in Denmark to get in touch with quite big fish fast. Pikes are ferocious and aggressive and you can find them in both small and big Danish lakes all over the country. If you come to a lake and see prey fish like roach or perch you can be pretty sure that there are pikes as well. Pikes can be caught on more or less all types of gear as long as it looks a bit alive. My own preferred method is with a live roach but you can easily catch them on woblers, spinners or fly as well. Just remember a metal leader or their sharp teeth will cut the line.

Helpful link:

Danish kayaker Dennis Bomboms YouTube channel gives a great taste of the Danish fishing for pike both in freshwater and brackish water.

4) Stream fishing for salmon, seatrout and brown trout

In Jutland you can find a lot of beautiful streams with salmon, seatrout and brown trout. In Odense å on Fyn and in some small streams on West Zealand you can also catch seatrout and brown trout but if you are looking for the best creek fishing in the country you should go to Jylland. Streams such as Gudenåen (almost a river), Skjern å, Varde å, Kongeåen, Ribe å, Karup å and Storåen are all of international caliber when it comes to fishing for either seatrout or salmon. Though the streams are a lot smaller than what they have in Sweden and Norway then there is nothing wrong with the size of the fish that skilled locals catch every year. Most years salmon above 15 kg and seatrout above 8 kg are caught here on either fly, spin or worm.

Helpful links:

Riverfisher (information about fishing in Karup å and Skjern å)

Andreas Lyngøs YouTube channel (Danish YouTuber fishing a lot in Skjern å)

5) Lake fishing for carp

Carp anglers in Denmark are among the most secretive people you will ever find and it is not easy to make them reveal their spots. It is well known though that you can catch both common carp, mirror carp and grass carp here. The methods are similar to the rest of the world where you use boilies or natural baits like corn or bread.

I am not a carp fisher and therefore I don´t know any spectacular Danish spots. But on Zealand, where I live, I know you can catch carp in Lammefjordskanalen, Hakkemosen or Sorø søerne.

Helpful link:

Danish carp and specimen anglers (a Danish interest organization about carp and specimen fishing)

6) Trolling for salmon and seatrout

Denmark offers some fantastic fishing for large salmon and seatrout. The fishing on Møn has boomed the last five years and in Klintholm havn on the south coast, hundreds and hundreds of skilled trolling teams go fishing catching salmon up to 15 kg quite often.

In Denmark you can´t say trolling without mentioning Bornholm as well. Bornholm Trolling Masters must be one of the biggest salmon trolling tournaments in the world. In 2018 no less than 366 boats participated and the biggest fish weighed more than 21 kg.

It was not until 2018 that I first tried trolling fishing for salmon. I went for a trip with Svenstrup Sportsfishing from Ystad which is a one hour drive from Copenhagen where I live. See how it went in the video below.

Helpful links:

Svenstrup sportsfishing on Facebook (If you want to charter a trolling boat going out from Ystad for a day)

Listed trolling (If you want to charter a trolling boat going out from Bornholm for a day)

7) Charter boat fishing for cod and coal fish

If you are into deep sea fishing, Denmark also has some great possibilities to offer. The depths are not that impressive here but the techniques are pretty similar to deep sea fishing in other countries. You can catch massive cod and coal fish from boat across most of the country but there are especially two places that make Danish cod anglers drool.

Det Gule Rev in Jutland (the yellow reef) has a lot of species: Cod, ling, saithe, pollock, plaice, dogfish and turbot are some of the fish you can catch from one of the charter boats that can take you there. The reef is a high plateau close to Norskedybet, and the area is almost 150 kilometers long and 20 kilometers in width.

Øresund is the name of the water “belt” between Sjælland and Skåne. If you visit Copenhagen you can easily book a private boat or public tour boat, to bring you out on Øresund on a half or full day trip.

Helpful links:

Seahawk Sea Service Express (one of many charter boats for Det Gule Rev)

8) Brackish pike fishing

On Zealand and the islands to the south you can find some of the best brackish pike fishing on the planet. Spots like Stege Bugt, Stege Nor, Præstø Fjord, Fanefjorden and Ulvsund all holds pike that you can catch on spin or fly from boat. In Stege Nor and Fanefjorden you can even fish with waders and catch the pikes from the coast.

Helpful links:

Mønbådene (rental of boats and guides in Stege on Møn)

Fishing Zealand guide (more information about fishing in brackish water on Zealand)

9) Harbor and boat fishing for flounder, plaice and dab

Fishing for “flatfish” like flounder, plaice and dab can be pretty entertaining and rewarding for the dinner table as well. Most Danes catch them with bait such as worms and shrimps on a tackle with two single hooks, 30-60 grams of led and some colourful pearls to attract these curious fish. They can be found at most harbors around the country and several tour boats can take you fishing for them as well in the best season from may to september.

10) Stream fishing for perch

In some small streams on eastern Zealand you can experience some spectacular fishing for big perch. The most famous place to try out this type of fishing is St. Vejle Å, in Ishøj just south of Copenhagen. In the stream and the small lakes in this water system, giant perch come up in the winter where anglers catch them on jigs, spinners and the local favorite which is live shrimp.

Helpful link:

Ishøj Sportsfiskerklub (the local fishing club responsible for the fishing in St. Vejle å)

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  1. Declancoyle says:

    Dear fishing Copenhagen,

    Me and a friend where looking at a trip at the start of May or second week in May and where insterest in several of your types.

    Hope to hear back soon,


    Declan Coyle

    1. Anders Mikkelsen says:

      Hi Declan

      Thank you for your interest. But I am not quite sure what you want me to write back about?

      Best / Anders

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