Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Jonas Thorsted og Anders Mikkelsen

Some years ago I went out with my homie Jonas and some other people to do some serious swagfishing. This was Jonas first real swagtrout-attack so I baptized him and blessed him with my holy fishing rod; the mighty Fenwick Ironfeather.

After the baptism we jumped right into the water. And for this epic swagtrout my 24 gram lure was too hot to handle. It was on it like a hawk to a mouse and gave me a sensationel fight. But I showed no mercy and in the end the fish ended in my oven. Suck on that swagtrout!

Jesper Boye Andersen og Mette Mikkelsen

After the fishing we went to visit my übercool grandma. My homie and roomie, the defender used the occasion to appoint her as a honorary doctor of our esteemed fishing group. This is a photo from the ceremony which was finished of with some roastpork and brown sauce. OOHWEE!

3 thoughts on “Bigtime Kalundborg swaggability

  1. Jesper Boye Andersen (The Defender) says:


    1. Anders Mikkelsen says:

      So sick!

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