Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Two weeks ago I went to a rough and deserted coast on Falster. When jumping over a tree that had fallen into the water my waders got torn apart. OH SHIT! Luckily I´m pretty badass so I poured out the cold water and fished on.

My waders got fucked

My waders got fucked

Falster is not for sissys

Falster is not for sissys



3 thoughts on “Falster is rough so my waders got fucked

  1. PokeSwagMon says:

    Between us, it seems to me that your waders didn’t sustain the damage from a jump but more likely from a big ass swag trout trying to eat your waders…

    1. Anders Mikkelsen says:

      HAHAHAHA! I laugh of you and your waders hate. Everyone knows that there is only one person that the swagtrout fears. Its not god, its not superman, its me: The almighty swagtrout destroyer. No swagtrout can hold me down muthafucka!

      1. PokeSwagMon says:

        I respect that! But after hearing this I would love to catch you and make you part of my PokeSwagMons. You better watch your back from now on!

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