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5 swagtrouts bite the dust

5 swagtrouts bite the dust

This swagtrout year has been hard on me. Most of the times I have come into battle with the mighty trouts then they have turned out victorious. I´ve had a lot of fishing trips where I´ve gone home emptyhanded. For a swagtrout killer of my caliber this is no good. I even started doubting my own swagtrout skills and began thinking that I would never again be worthy of defeating them in battle.

But yesterday my modjo returned. At Vestsjælland I refound my lost glory and caught no less than 9 swagtrouts. I killed 6 of them and brought them home.

You know what they say: You can take the man away from the swagtrouts, but you can never take the swagtrouts away from the man.

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