Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Recently people have begged me to reveal how I grill my monstrous catches. Since I always obey my ENORMOUS fan base (consisting of my family and a couple of drunk fishing mates) here is the A-mans fishing grill school. OOHWEE!


Step 1: Catch some fish

This might be difficult if you don´t have troutswagger like me. If you have no luck, then run down to your local fishing boat or Netto. Here is a picture from Hardangerfjorden where me and my homies caught some mackerels on a boat while eating Ritter Sport and talking gay.

Hardangerfjorden boat

Step 2: Cut out your fish

Use your fishing knife to cut off the head, tail and giblets of your fish. This is a couple of mackerels we caught. The big one is a Lyr that some old Norwegian dude gave us. It looked kinda´ like a cod.

Mackerel and Lyr at Hardangerfjorden

Step 3: Make a marinade and put it on your fish dude!

Time for marinade. Drop some olive oil in a bowl. Put in a kilo of chili, some pepper and some salt. Maybe also some lemon and some garlic. If you are heading out later for some mouth-to-mouth action, then maybe you should take a chillpill with the garlic though. Then drop your fish into your marinade and start getting ready for a party in your mouth where everyone is invited. Put the fish into some aluminum foil. Holy mackerel!

Marinade for fish grilling

Step 4: Put them fishes on your grill

Time to get them bitches sizzling so put your fish on the grill. For a small fish like a mackerel, it needs about 5 minutes on each side. For a larger fish, like the lyr on this picture, 8-9 minutes on each side is needed.

Grilled mackerel and lyr

Step 5: Eat your fish, drink whisky and listen to Lil Wayne

Get you fish of the grill. Take of the tin foil and start eating like a neanderthal. ELHAMDELAY!

Grilled lyr and mackerel

Lil Wayne, whisky and fish


5 thoughts on “Fish grilling – a guide for hustlers in waders

  1. The Urban Angler says:

    I love it! ive been catching fish for years but didnt even know they could be eaten before now, let alone grilled!? That shit is wack! Only one question though how do you get the lead out of the fish after you cap that mo fo fish?

  2. Anders Mikkelsen says:

    Good question. It depends what you shoot the fish with. If it is a kalashnikov then you need a metal detector to find the bullets. If it is a shotgun, then you can just eat the bullets. They are healthy and will give you a lot of vitamins.

  3. King Salmon says:

    @ Urban angler

    As an alternative I Can recommend Dynamite fishing – wave the dynamite at other fishingboats while showing Teeth and Fist – this is a Way of signaling share your catch – and the other boat Will usually hand over some fish to you. Following this simple approach you Will not have to deal with the bullet problem.


    1. Anders Mikkelsen says:

      Very bright @King Salmon! What do you call this sophisticated way of fishing? The Saddam Hussein method?

    2. the Urban Angler says:

      Im so glad i found you guys and this blog…. I have been wateeboarding fish for years trying to get them to tell the location of their friends without luck. I think I will stick to the sadam hussein method of fishing from now on.

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