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This Autumn and Winter I´m featuring a new series of blogs on my world famous Swagtrout blog. As you probably already know I am an extremely skilled chef and I used to give Rene Redzepi private lessons on how to cook. I have now decided to share my cooking skills with the world and over the next 6 months I´ll be blogging recipes with various Danish fish. So follow Don A-Mandos fish cooking school and cook fish that will impress your family and make your friends tremble. Oohwee!

I´ll start of the Autumn school and show you how to cook da mullet. Now the Mullet is not only a well known redneck haircut. It is also a tasty fish inhabiting the Danish seas. Here is how you do it.


1) First you go fishing and catch nothing.


2) Then you buy a mullet. This one is a 1.2 kg badboy.


3) Then you clean it and fill it with all this stuff.

foto 2

It now looks like this.

foto 1

4) Then you ask someone to make two types of sauce. Fish sauce and mustard sauce.

foto 3

5) Then you put your mullet in the oven. Give it 25 minutes with 225 degrees. You can now eat your mullet.


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