Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Pike fishing is booming on Møn and the thought of catching these big Danish “crocodiles” drives fishermen from all over Scandinavia to go fishing here. To be honest I like them badass trouts a lot better than pikes but I decided to give it a go anyway. So I went to Stege Nor with my homie Emil to try to catch some pikes.

Stege Nor by Rødkilde Højskole. Pretty spot but no pikes for us.

Stege Nor by Rødkilde Højskole.

In spite of our swag we fucked up pretty bad and caught absolutely nothing except for cold hands and a cake from the local gas station. So we decided to switch spots and go jigging for some perch in the local harbor instead.
After 20 minutes of fishing something hooked on my jig. It was no perch but a 2 kg brackish pike instead. Nice little croc.

Møn pike from Klintholm Havn

Møn pike from Klintholm Havn.

Pike fishing - Møn

The hungry croc that went for the jig.


The day was cold as hell so after hooking and releasing this pike we went home while listening to Leonard Cohen. Fishing on the south coast of Møn in southern winds in december is just too cold for warmblooded badboys like us.

Picture from the south coast of Møn in heavy southern winds.

Picture from the South coast of Møn in heavy Southern winds.


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