Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

This weekend I went on a new seatrout fishing trip to Kalundborg. The most popular fjords for fishing on Zealand is undoubtedly Isefjorden and Roskilde Fjord but Kalundborg Fjord is also a great place to go fishing for some chromers. It has to be said that it is quite rare to meet big trouts in this fjord. It happens occasionally but more than 10 years of fishing here has shown me that this is not the best place to go if you want to have a chance to meet up with some real big trouts. Still Kalundborg Fjord is a beautiful spot and as a bonus it is not as overrun as Isefjorden and Roskilde Fjord can be.

This time I got lucky with a small trout on a shrimp fly and I lost a couple more. The weather was mild and dry and it almost felt like spring. I can hardly wait to March when the top season begins. Here are some shots from the day.


Kalundborg Fjord - Fishing 2

The small spot in the horizon is a flying heron.


Kalundborg Fjord - Fishing

Winter in the forrest.


Kalundborg Fjord - Seatrout

Beautiful trout that was released.


Chilling with my grandmom the evening before fishing

Chilling with my grandmom the evening before fishing





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