Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Famous rapper Jay-Z once said “If you´re having fish problem I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but a fish ain´t one.

I can totally relate to these lyrics. Especially when I am in the kitchen. Last year I made an epic baked mullet. IT TOTALLY ROCKED DUDE. But mullet is a fantastic fish and it can be cooked in several ways. So Yesterday I decided to try something new: Fried mullet with tomato compote, potatoes and guacamole. Mullet meat is pretty firm and this really makes it great for frying. Also the skin is eatable and it becomes all crunchy when it is fried in oil.

I know what you gonna say. “But Anders, mullet is very pricy! I can get a hotdog for 28 DKK down at Peters Pølser.” True that. But eating mullet will improve your life quality with 228 % according to recent studies. If you don´t believe me then ask your mother.

Here is how you make a tasty fried mullet and tomato compote. As I said I recommend potatoes and guacamole on the side but make your own pick.

1) Buy some mullet fillets dude

Fried mullet 1

 2) Cut out some tomatoes, mushrooms, onion and parsley for a tomato compote

Fried mullet 2

3) Fry it all in a pan until it gets all greasy and stuff

Fried mullet 3

4) Time to get your mullets sizzling in some oil. Add salt and pepper

Fried mullet 4

5) Fry it 5 minutes on the skin side and 3 minutes on the meat side

Fried mullet 5

6) Put it all on a plate. Then do like Michael Jackson and (B)eat It. 

Fried mullet 6



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