Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

It´s been way too long since I updated this sucker. But that doesn´t mean that I haven´t been doing any fishy business. So here are some snapshots from two fishing trips I had in March and April. As 50 cent once said:

“Hate it or love it the swagtrout´s on top, and I´m gonna shine homie until my lure drops 
Go head and envy me, I´m the waders MVP and I am waving my rod, so you can get to see me.”

True words 50. True words indeed. Here are some photos from the last months. Dont hate. Contemplate.

Seatrout BornholmA nice but skinny Bornholm trout that was carefully released after this funky photoshoot. 

Bornholm fishing south coastDope fishing spot on South Bornholm.

BootsBoots graveyard on Bornholm

Kasper Thybo og Jonas ThorstedKasper and Jonas keepin´ it real on Møn

Jonas ThorstedJonas keeping it even more real. What a player!

Salmon MønI met two trolling fishers on Møn. They came in with these two monsters. 17 and 16 kilo fish. I was stoked.

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