Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

When I was a kid my parents would take me and my brother to Avernakø on South Fyn every year. Back then I didn´t care too much about fishing. It was first when I became a teenager and got hooked that I found out how great a fishing spot this small Island with less than 100 inhabitants is.

Today I still get the chance to go to Avernakø once in a while to go fishing and have some great days with my parents and their friends Hans Henrik and Marianne. Last year I went there in October for an epic trout showdown which you can read all about here.

This year I was naturally eager to go back and find out if there were some big trouts around. Unfortunately the results were not that good. On the first day I caught four small seatrouts on a fly fished with Bombarda. All of them had to go back to grow bigger. Hope to see them next year.

On the second day I only lost two minor and one good fish.

Well well. What can a man do? Sometimes the swagtrouts just come out on top. I´ll have my revenge next year.


Avernakø - Seatrout

Avernakø - House by the shore

The house by the Southeast coast

Avernakø - Seatrout

Avernakø - Lures and flies

Weapons of mass destruction

Avernakø - Seatrout

Avernakø - Seatrout

Avernakø - Seatrout havørred


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