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Big Møn seatrout

It has been a difficult autumn with lots of lost fish and rough conditions. But persistence pays and yesterday I got a new PR when I caught a 4.2 kg seatrout on Møn. The trout was caught in murky waters on a lure.

Autumn has been a tough nut to crack. The trouts are well fed and for me they have been difficult to tempt into grabbing a lure or fly. Over the last three days I have been fishing intensively on Møn without too much luck. The rough wind conditions with 8-12 mps from South and South West mean that it has only been possible to fish on the Northern and Eastern side of the peninsula.

On the first day I had zero contacts and on the second day I had three contacts in the sunset and lost all of them. One of them was a 2-3 kg seatrout so that kind of hurt. On the third day the pattern seemed to continue. I fished on using both lure and flies but it didn’t pay off. But after 5 hours of fishing something happened.

The fight

I sent off my 28 g Bornholmerpil into the sea for what must have been the 300th time that day. After 5 seconds the lure was hit hard 60 meters out and the way my rod bended left me no doubt that this was a good fish. It dragged of some meters of line before it went deep and started moving to the right. I now started gaining line slowly until it was 10 meters from me. Here I saw it for the first time and my initial guess on a 3 kg fish moved up a notch. After some minutes more with the fish taking line and shaking the head it got close enough for me to net it. But it got more exciting than I had anticipated.

Møn seatrout 2

When the fish was halfway into the net it suddenly realized what was happening and it jumped out and made a new escape towards the depths. I was worried that the small single hook would loose its grip even though I could see that it was sitting quite firmly in the soft part of its mouth. But after some jumps I could finally lead the big trout into the net with some sweat on the forehead. On land I measured it to 73 cm and 4.2 kg which is a new seatrout PR for me.

If there is one lecture to make from this it has to be that hard work pays of. I used 18 straight fishing hours these three days before the reward came. When it did it was greater than I could have hoped for. Fantastic.


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