Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

2015 has drawn to an end. For me personally it was a great fishing year with a new PR in both seatrout and pike and lots of memorable moments near the water with some of my best friends.

For the Danish environment 2015 leaves us with some worries as for the future of the Danish nature and fishing in the future. The change of government in DK has brought new winds in the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark. It is obvious that the new minister Eva Kjer Hansen (V) cares more about the interests of the Danish agriculture business than she cares about the Danish environment. Simplified, there is no doubt that the Ministry and a number of political parties are now working to keep a large part of the Danish streams unprotected from straightenings, fertilizers and other interventions that will impair the biodiversity in the streams and the fantastic fishing we have in Denmark today.

Over the next years it is extremely important that all Danish anglers unite. We should keep creating awareness of the valuable sustainable fishing we have in Denmark and keep fighting the organizations that are working to weaken our environment and fishing. 

After these words of seriousness, here are some more encouraging shots from recent fishing trips to Møn, Kalundborg Fjord and Copenhagen Harbour.

Kalundborg Fjord - WinterKalundborg Fjord in December

Kalundborg Fjord - small seatroutSmall seatrout caught in the first cast of the day. Hope to meet it again in 3 years time.

Urban fishing cod - CopenhagenIn mid december I went with my friend Morten for some urban afternoon fishing in Copenhagen Harbour. I got this 56 cm cod on a pink jig.

Liselund_MønLiselund in Møn on a beautiful November day

Small pike MønSmall pike from a very rainy trip to Stege Nor



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