Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Kalundborg 1

It might not look like it when you look out the window but the calendar isn´t lying. Spring is here. Yesterday I celebrated it with the first “real” fishing trip of the year to the West Zealand coasts.

I started of in the middle of Kalundborg Fjord where I fished a spot that has given me a lot of trouts through the years. But with an Eastern wind on 6 M/S the water was all flat and boring so I changed to another spot nearby. The conditions here were better but there were no signs of fish at all, so I changed again to another well known spot in Kalundborg Fjord. The picture was the same though. No fish. No swagtrouts. No glory.

To stir things up I decided to drive away from the fjord and try the open coast with higher salinity on West Zealand. After a short walk I found a nice reef where a pack of trouts were hunting in very shallow water. At first I couldn´t hook them and they kept following my lure without grabbing it forrealz. I was almost starting to get frustrated when the first trout – a 42 cm fish – grabbed the lure like there was no tomorrow.


As the wind got heavier the waves grew bigger and so did the fishing. The pack of trouts were still there and after some more followers, a good fish nailed my redblack lure just when I was about to lift if from the water. It was a 52 cm silver torpedo that fought strongly and made several jumps before a wave led it into my net. Then the fishing seemed to die of for a bit.

After a Redbull and a croissant I went out on the reef again. In the second cast the lure was hit 50 meters out by another strong 50+ silver bullet that I could land three minutes later. With such a fantastic catch and three fish in the bag, the season starter had already been a better day that I could have hoped for. So I decided to fish the last 50 meters of the reef before I headed home.

Almost instantly the lure was followed by a trout that looked to be bigger than the three others I´d caught. So I made a new cast in the same direction and hoped for the best. When the lure got in close and I could see it, the big fish absolutely hammered it only 1,5 m from the rod. With a good whip I planted the hook firmly in the trout´s jaw and an intense fight begun. The trout were surprisingly strong in the cold water and it dragged a lot of line and made several jumps before I could land it.

Based on it´s strength I was sure that the trout was more then 60 cm´s so I was surprised that it “only” measured 58 cm. This has to be the strongest fish pr. cm. I´ve ever caught. Strong fella.

West Zealand seatrout 3

After the landing I had four fish on shore and I walked back to the car more than content with the first trip of the season. This spring surely looks promising.

(Ps. Sorry for the bad quality on the photos. This is the last time I only bring an iPhone for photography.)


Selfie with my host and grandma.

Selfie with my host and grandma.


Proof that spring is upon us.

Proof that spring is upon us.


Night shot of the four trouts ranging from 41 to 58 cm.

Night shot of the four trouts ranging from 41 to 58 cm.



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