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West Zealand Seatrout 3

The most exciting seatrout fishing occurs when you find hunting fish close to land on only 30-70 cm water. You can reach the trouts with short casts and the adrenaline is pumping when each new cast can be followed up immediately by an aggressive nod in the rod and the sound of a spinning wheel.

Yesterday I had this experience again when I visited one of my favorite spots on the coast on West Zealand. I´ve fished there a lot over the years and I am particularly fond of a specific reef on the spot that usually hold fish. Most of them between 40 and 45 cm, but also some bigger predators up to 60 cm.

I arrived early in the morning and starting fishing my way through the fog towards the reef. While I was walking I made some casts over the 15 meters nearest to land where the bottom is covered with stones and seaweed. I casted left and right rapidly covering a lot of water and it didn´t take more than 10 minutes before it paid of. A ferocious 42 cm trout absolutely hammered my 28 g Bornholmerpil and made a few jumps before I could land and release it.

The hit

It started becoming more windy, which is always good news for my kind of heavy spin fishing, and I soon lost another medium size trout. I got to the reef and waded out on only 25 cm of water. A few casts to the left later something stronger hit the lure and immediately dragged some line of my Shimano. I was surprised by the strength of the fish that just didn´t wanted to give up and kept taking line four of five times before I could land it. This swagtrout was “only” 57 cm but it really put up a fight that got my Fenwick Ironfeather bending. Impressing.

The great fishing was far from over, and I slowly moved to the right side of the reef and made some casts parallel with land. I then got a cautious contact only 15 meters out and the fish followed the lure all the way in without taking it. When it saw my ugly face it hasted back into the waves.

It looked to be a decent fish, which was confirmed when it smashed the lure fiver minutes later no more than 3 meters from the rod. After some rodbending minutes a 55 cm silver dude was lying next to the other one on the coast. Absolute perfection.

West Zealand Seatrout 2

Content about the intense fishing and the catches I ate my sandwich while the wind got heavier and the water was filled with floating seaweed. This made the fishing more difficult and I only managed to catch one more little guy and loose two others before heading home.

There are not many things that beat hitting bonanza when you locate a lot of aggressive seatrouts hunting close to land in windy conditions. Adrenaline is pumping and the air is thick with concentration when you know that the lure or fly can get interrupted by a hefty trout any second. This really is the essence of this type of fishing. This is why I love seatrout fishing on the coasts more than any other kind of fishing.


Dead Bambi on the coast

Dead Bambi on the coast


The dinner of a seatrout: Shrimp and tangloppe

The dinner of a seatrout: Shrimp and tangloppe

West Zealand Seatrout 1

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