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Monster pike from Copenhagen

In the end of June I had what must be the wildest pike trip I´ve ever experienced. Together with my friend Michael I headed to Kastellet in Copenhagen. A spot I´ve fished quite a lot the last year catching pikes up to 5 kg. 

It started of quite calmly. We caught some bait fish that we put on our 4 rods with live bait but there was not much action. The first 1.5 hours no pikes showed interest but then they started to loosen up a bit. Michael quickly caught 3 pikes ranging from 1 to 4 kg and I also got a 4 kg fish. In this video you can see Michael hooking up to one of them.

Then the good fishing stopped and we decided to switch to another spot and go for a beer and a cup of coffee. This turned out to be a good decision. Michael and I once again caught 4-5 pikes up to 4 kg quickly.

Close to the seaweed

There was a lot of seaweed in the water and it was obvious that the pikes were lurking quite near, maybe just below this weed. So we tried to position our live bait as close as we could to the weed.

I felt confident of getting lucky when I made two perfect casts just next to the seaweed on the opposite side of the bank. And the result came quickly. The bait fish was swallowed and I could instantly feel that this was the best fish of the day so far.

It took some good rides but after 3 minutes it was close enough so I could see it was a 6 kg pike. Things got dramatic when the fish got tangled into a large load of seaweed and it was impossible to reel in.

Nothing to do but to drop the shoes and jump into the water to net the fish that was tangled into the weed. A bunch of tourists had gatherede during the spectacle and they cheered as we got the 6-7 kg pike on land. What a ride.

The fish was hooked quite deeply and when Michael unhooked it he got a nasty bite.

Pike bite blood

After this dramatic fight a break was needed but I still casted the next bait fish. The float landed and just 30 seconds later it went under. I counted to eight before I hooked it and felt the rod bend heavily.

This was a good one and no doubt the biggest of the day. The pike swam around like it didnt care much about me, and for the first 5 minutes I could´nt even see it. But then it got close, and we could tell that this was an XL lady. The fish started to get irritated and took some more heavy rides before Michael could net it.

On land it turned out to be my biggest pike ever weighing just above 10 kg. Fantastic experience to catch and release such a beautiful fish just in the center of Copenhagen.

Pike Kastellet Michael

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