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Stege Nor gedde Kasper Vadstrup

Stege Nor Brakvandscup 2017 went down this weekend when some of the most hardcore and hungover pike anglers in Denmark went to Møn to battle for the glory and glamour. 

The rules were simple: Catch the longest pike of the day and win the cup. Last year Kasper “Skallekonge” Thybo won the cup with the smallest pike in history so we were keen on doing better this time.

Stege Nor gedde Carsten

It didn´t take many casts before the first pike was landed. Morten “Too afraid to hold a pike” Thomsen caught a 75 cm croc.

Half an hour later all boats had caught fish above 70 cm and it looked to be a close race as there were no really big fish. Skallekongen then caught a 80 cm pike and he started bragging like he had caught the Loch Ness monster. Extremely pathetic.

After three hours the rain started falling heavily and 5 out of 8 anglers did not have the balls to fish on, so they went home to our house to eat chocolate and watch Gossip Girl in front of the fireplace.

Stege Nor gedde Emil Nymann Eriksen

At 5 pm the cup stopped and we all met at Stege Bryghus to eat and find the winner. 17 pikes up to 85 cm had been caught in total and the top 3 looked like this:


  1. Morten “Too afraid to hold a pike” Thomsen – 85 cm
  2. Emil “Højben” Nymann Wegeberg – 82 cm
  3. Kasper “Skallekonge” Thybo – 80 cm

The other particpants were:

  • Jesper “Da Big Tits” Boye Andersen
  • Kasper “The Svendborg Smile” Vadstrup
  • King Baris Bayram
  • Juan – “I don´t need rain clothes” Almajid
  • Don A-Mando

We sure as hell had a blast and next year will be even better.

Stege Nor gedde Morten Kamp Thomsen


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