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Fishing trips in Copenhagen

One of the advantages of having a fishing blog, is that once in a while people write you to ask for fishing tips and some even invite me to join them on a fishing trip. Robin and Irene from Singapore traveled all the way to Copenhagen for a vacation and Robin wrote and asked if I wanted to meet up with them for some hours of fishing.

So Yesterday we met in Copenhagen Harbor to catch a cod or two. In the Summer the cod fishing is always slow in the harbor, but now Autumn has arrived with colder water bringing the cods into the harbor, so Robins timing was almost perfect.

Gettin´ jiggy with it

I picked up Robin and Irene at their hotel on Østerbro and we walked to Nordhavn where we had two hours of fishing time before sunset.

Jig fishing Copenhagen

I fished with a Savage Gear Reel Eal on an 18 g jighead and Robin fished with an old Panther Martin jig. We let them sink down to the bottom before jigging them in slowly. It did not seem as the cods were fairly impressed to begin with but then Robin got lucky.

As he was lifting the jig from the bottom just two meters out from where he was standing a decent cod couldn´t resist and his rod bended heavily. After a short fight I could net the fish which was apx. 50 cm in length.

Singapore Copenhagen

Afterwards I also caught a small cod but it was not big enough for eating so it still lurks around in the depths at Nordhavn.

The evening ended of with Robin and Irene inviting me to join them for rib eye and red wine. I can´t recall having such a nice Monday in a long while, so thank you Robin and Irene for your generosity and friendliness. I hope to see you again some other time for a Northern pike trip.

Singapore Copenhagen

Copenhagen cod Singapore

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