Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

In this video I share some moments from my fishing trips to Copenhagen Harbour in October. I both catch a chair and some fish so the video proves that there are many exciting catches to make in Copenhagen Harbour.

In October the cod fishing in Copenhagen Harbour started of with anglers catching a lot of decent cod up to 65 cm in the harbour. Thanks to the Facebook page “Fiskeri I københavns Havn” (fishing in Copenhagen Harbour) the rumour quickly spread and anglers from all over the city started chasing cod. 

Since then hundreds and hundreds have fished the harbor from Nordhavn in the North to Sluseholmen in the West and I think there have been more anglers in the harbour than we´ve seen in decades. This is mostly a blessing as more anglers bring more knowledge about the fishing which means that we all improve ass anglers as we learn from the experiences of others. Of course it also means than sometimes your favorite spot is already taken but the harbour is big and there is room enough for all of us.

New video from my fishing trips

Two weeks ago I bought a Gopro camera and I´ve had it with me on my trips since then catching some moments from my fishing. I have a lot to learn about making short and simple videos from my trips but until now it has been a lot of fun to experiment and find new ways to film. Copenhagen Harbour has a lot of cool locations so possibilities are endless.

The video consists of three recordings from different spots in Nordhavn close to Midtermolen where I fish an 18 gram jighead and various shads slowly over the bottom. How does it pay of?…. Check the video to find out 🙂

One thought on “New video: Fishing in Copenhagen Harbour for cod

  1. Robin Tan says:

    64 cm ……Great catch! I love Copenhagen and Harbour cod!!

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