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Fishing trips in Copenhagen

It´s been a while since I last roamed the coast but this week I returned for some days of fishing on Møn and Falster. I got some decent seatrouts and lost a couple of good fish as well and I filmed the whole thing on my GoPro. 

I started of Wednesday on Falster. The wind was 10 M/S from West so I decided to find shelter on the East coast. The water was all murky but quite still, so I decided to go for one of the more colourful lures from my tacklebox. A 24 gram Snurrebassen lure with a small treble hook on a vinkel rig. I´ve always liked to fish with heavier lures such as Bornholmerpilen or Sømmet but I´ve become increasingly fund of Snurrebassen and its lively movement in the water the last couple of years.

The first hours of fishing nothing really happened. A smaller fish followed the lure on the way in without grabbing it. But conditions looked perfect so I believed it was just a matter of time before something would bite. Luckily I was right. Just before lunchtime a decent trout absolutely smashed my lure 15 meters out. It fought well and took line a couple of times before I could net the 54 cm seatrout.

Only 45 minutes later another trout got tempted. This one took the lure after a sideways cast to the right. I think it nailed it on something like 50 cm of water depth. They really come close so no need for wading in deeper waters.

After another fight I could net a 56 cm silver bomb. BOOOYA!

Seatrout falster

Møn delivers

On the following day the wind was howling 11 M/S from Southwest so I thought that Falster was the place to go again. But when I drove by the Northern coast of Møn I could see that the water looked pretty tempting, so I decided to give Møn a go.

On the first spot I tried the water was quite clear with good movement but after 90 minutes without seeing a fish I decided to switch spot. The next spot was a bad decision from my behalf. It was way too vulnerable against the wind, so the water was all white and stuffed with eelgrass, so I left quickly.

On the third spot it looked better. A good level of grease in the water and a decent side wind ensured the water movement. The reward also came quickly. A 50 cm seatrout took the lure 60 meters out and followed all the way in before it realized what was happening. Then it really started jumping and dragging but in the end it was hooked too well to escape and I landed it safely.

Soon after I lost a bigger fish that shook itself of the hook within 7 seconds after the take. It made some jumps and it looked like a 2.5-3 kg fish. I wasn´t too disappointed though as it simply wasn´t hooked well enough.

It was another two great days on Møn and Falster, and you can watch some highlights in the video I produced in the top.


Seatrout falster





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