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This morning I fished one of my favorite reefs for seatrout on West Zealand. An enjoyable reunion after I haven´t fished the spot for ages. Pretty rough wind and a warning of an incoming thunderstorm meant that I only had 3 hours of fishing before the weather would become too hostile. 

I started fishing with a 20 gram Sømmet lure and a small treble hook which I immediately switched to a single hook after two casts with lots of snag on the hooks. As usual I moved slowly out on the reef casting and moving, casting and moving, casting and moving etc. After only 45 minutes of fishing the lure landed 40 meters from me and after a few turns on the reel I got a hard hit followed by the fish dragging 5 meters of line. A serious seatrout.

It fought like it didn´t want to become dinner and I quickly had a feeling that it might not be a seatrout. Based on the aggresion and stamina it felt more like something else. It turned out I was right when a 5 pound rainbow trout hit the net some minutes later. Another fish from the unfortunate breakdown at Musholm in December where at least 20.000 rainbows escaped the fish farm.

Musholm laks rainbow trout

I huried back in the water and in the next cast I had another bite, but this time from a garfish. The little fella got of and soon I had a new contact on very shallow water. This time it felt like a decent seatrout but it quickly came of so I never found out.

Half an hour later the sky started turning black and I could see two lightnings over Fyn, so I decided to stop the fishing. No reason to risk your life when you already have fish in the bag. I caught one final decent garfish for my fathers dinner before heading home through the forrest as the heaven opened up and rain poured down.

Sømmet lure blink

Rainbow trout and gar fish

One thought on “The seatrout that wasn´t a seatrout

  1. Jan Pierrel Mikkelsen says:

    Love fishing Gar fish…so much fun

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