Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Kastellet fishing

After fishing primarily for seatrout from I was 14 till 30 my fishing has become more varied in recent years. The main reason is that I´ve discovered the fun fishing possibilities close to me in Copenhagen – especially the splendid pike fishing below the ramparts at Kastellet and the cod fishing in the harbor. 

This Saturday I got up damn early in the morning for this year´s first trip to kastellet. I was hardly awake when I met up with my friend Michael 5.45 in the morning but all tiredness was forgotten when we arrived to the sight of calm water in the morning sun. It is such a special atmosphere to be out here while the city is still sleeping around you.

After catching some roaches for live bait we quickly put four rods out there and after just 15 minutes my first pike of the season – a 3 kg fish – made the float dance. Shortly after it was Michaels turn when a 4 kg fish took his giant roach.

Kastellet lille gedde

The next fish was a first for me. Two times the float went under but I could´nt hook the fish when I tightened the line. The third time I could feel some weight but it didn´t come from an aggressive pike but from a long eel that we got on shore and unhooked as fast as we could. Anglers who have caught eel know how difficult they can be to unhook with their snakelike movements and slimy surface. Surely not a new favorite species for me.

After that I got a small stickpike and then the fishing completely died. We could neither catch pike or live bait so we decided to switch spot. The next spot was a bit better and before we finished the fishing we got two small pikes and a small greedy perch that couldn´t resist the roach.

Five pikes, an eel and a perch is a reasonable opening but now I am really eager to come back soon to catch a really big pike. This was just an appetizer. Also, I plan on making some vids from Kastellet so stay tuned…

Waiting while fishing

Pike bite geddebid



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