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Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Sylvester Saxild Jørgensen from the fishing crew Copenhagen Specimenfishing has sent me this fishing report from a visit to his local park lake in Copenhagen. 

– A couple of weeks ago I had an awesome session at a local park lake in Copenhagen. The summer holiday had just started and I was eager to go fishing for carp. I decided to go to a beautiful park lake that I have fished several times the last couple of years. The lake holds quite a large stock of smaller carp – both mirror, common and even koi carp. 

I arrived at the lake in the afternoon and soon decided where to fish. I quickly set up my brolly and got my rods sorted out. Now I could lean back and wait for my first take. 

Nothing happened during the the light hours and I went to sleep hoping that I would be woken up by a screaming take. At one o’clock in the morning just that happened. One of my rods was away and the line was ripping off the reel. The boilie had been picked up at a spot right by an area of lily pads. 

I picked up the rod and started a battle of about 5 minutes. The fight was short and hard, but finally the landing succeeded. When the carp hit the net, I immediately spotted that this actually was a better one. A beautiful common carp.

The rod went back out and I went to sleep again. When the morning came around I had landed three carp all in all. I was happy but also tired after a long and action packed night . All three was caught on 15 mm Scopex Squid boilies from Nash.

Its not the last time I pay a visit to my local park lake…Carp Sylvester Copenhagen Specimenfishing 3

Like most other carp anglers, Sylvester is secretive about where to find the spot, and you can surely understand him when you see the beautiful carps that he has caught.

I can recommend following Copenhagen_Specimenfishing on Instagram. The three brothers surely catches some spectacular fish in the city.

Carp Sylvester Copenhagen Specimenfishing 2

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