Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Your first real catch is always something special. Yesterday four years old Hugo landed his first pike ever in Utterslev Mose Yesterday with a little help from more experienced angler Nikolaj who also managed to catch a big side catch. 

Nikolaj send me some photos of a great fishing trip with 4 year old Hugo in Utterslev Mose. Since I bicycle past the bog every day on my way to work, I know that it is quite full of duckweed and water thyme at the moment but Nikolaj obviously managed to find a fishable spot anyway.

On a small roach the two guys landed the boy´s first ever pike on a small roach. Not a monster but I am sure it looked giant to Hugo.

Utterslev mose gedde

I really like stories like that. It is important that we pass on the enthusiasm to the next generation so they can have the same fun and interest in our waters as we do. So well done Nikolaj!

Maybe his good deed is the reason that the fishing gods rewarded him with a nice 45 cm tench afterwards on a small flourball. A great side catch and a new PR for Nikolaj.

Utterslev mose suder

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