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Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Jannick is one of the most skilled anglers fishing in Copenhagen Harbour. Today he kickstarted the Autumn season with his first decent cod. Read his report here.


It is fair to say that Jannick Lønbog Rottensten is one of the main architects behind the popularity that street fishing for cod in Copenhagen Harbour has gained over the last two years.

When Jannick started filming his fishing trips in the harbour and put them on YouTube, many of us realized the full potential of the fishing here. Therefore it is no surprise that Jannick is the person in my fishing network to catch the first Autumn cod from the harbour in 2018. Here is his report:

– Today my goal was to catch some of the early-season cod from the harbour of Copenhagen. I chose a location in the northern part of the harbour, where I’ve caught plenty of cod before.

I was fishing along the bottom with a green paddletail jig with a 20g jighead. It didn’t take long before I was hooked up with a fish. I could feel from the start that it was not a big fish, but still a decent fish. After a nice little fight it came up to the surface, and I could safely land the fish.

I was buzzing! A great start to the season. Hopefully many more to come. I am looking forward to a great season with plenty of big cods.

Tight Lines everyone!

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