Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

This Autumn we are hosting a number of guided streetfishing trips with anglers from near and far. Yesterday we had the first trip of the season with beginners Mette and Marius who did really well. They learnt how to cast and fish the harbour successfully, and with a little help they even landed some fish.

Guided fishing trip Copenhagen_Mette

Marius and Mette had been kind enough to work as test dummies for our guided trips and give us some feedback on the experience, what works well and what could be improved.

We met up after work at 5 pm, where I told our guests a bit about streetfishing and Frederik gave an intro the harbour, the fish and the techniques we would be using.

Then we started fishing. Already in the second cast, Mette had a smaller cod following her jig all they way up from the bottom. It turned around when it saw us, but it gave us an indication that fish were around and active.

We fished on a bit and got some coffee before Frederik hooked the first fish, that Marius landed with firm hand.

Guided fishing trip Copenhagen_Frederik

Guided fishing trip Copenhagen_Marius

We changed spot, and I ordered some food for our guests to enjoy. Thank god for fast pizza delivery. It really comes in handy on a cold October evening.

After dinner, we fished a new spot while the sun was setting and darkness kicked in. Now it was Mette´s turn to try catching some fish with a little help from me. The first one was not more than 25 cm but the second one was a nice 47 cm cod, that Mette unhooked and killed, before I cleaned it for her.

Streetfishing Copenhagen

For Frederik and I, it was just a perfect evening with lots of learning and Marius and Mette gave us some really good feedback. Thank you both! We sure appreciate it.

If you want to learn streetfishing in Copenhagen for yourself, you can book a guided tour with us an evening in October or November.

Tight lines everyone!

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