Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

When Frederik guided the friendly fowks Deborah and David from Alaska on a streetfishing trip Yesterday they skipped the intro and got right to it. It didn´t take them long to catch their first Copenhagen cod. Read Frederik´s report here. 

Harbour fishing Nordhavn 1

– The time was 12 AM when David and Deborah from Alaska met up with me in the Northern part of the harbour. The weather was great for some cod fishing with clouds and some wind. The water temperature had fallen to 12 degrees so I felt there was a good chance of catching some cod.

David and Deborah had done a lot of fishing all over the world so I didn’t use long time to show them the gear we were using.

We had only started fishing and on my second cast I landed a nice 55 cm cod. After 10 minutes David hooked a cod and I could see by the bend on his rod that it was a good size. I took the net and landed a very nice 59 cm cod which he wanted to keep and eat for dinner the same night.

We changed spot and soon after David landed another cod. Shortly after it was Deborah´s turn to hook a cod. There was a boat moored along the quay and she put the jig right in the shade of the boat. Just before the jig hit the bottom, she felt a strike and she set the hook perfectly. After some minutes we managed to land a beautiful cod in darker colours than they usually are. Since they had already secured dinner this was released and is still swimming around.

Harbour fishing Nordhavn 2.jpg

We didn’t catch anymore that day even though we had some followers. We had a great day, and they went to the tackle shop afterwards to buy some of the same gear we had been using so they could try for themselves another day.

Thank you for a great day Deborah and David!

Tight lines – Frederik

harbour fishing 3.jpg

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