Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

There are lots of flatfish in the harbour right now and Johnni Frederiksen sure knows how to catch em´. 


Like the rest of us Johnni fish for cod in the Autumn and judging from his instagram he knows how to do it. But Johnni also has a thing for flatfish and recently he posted a photo of a catch from Orientkaj in Nordhavn. So I asked him if he wanted to share how he did it and he was kind enough to do so.

– I´ve been catching flat ones in that basin many times. They will both go for polychaete worms and shrimps with shell. A normal leader with 40-60 grams of lead will do the trick nicely and then you can fish it a bit active by winding in a bit once in a while. Usually they will bite if you have patience.

These three flatfish and the cod were caught just opposite of the CIS school in Nordhavn. Johnnis girlfriend also got a nice cod on this trip so in total it must have been a great day.

Thank you for sharing Johnni and tight lines!



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