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Fishing trips in Copenhagen

The water temperature is down to 4 – 5 celsius in most of the harbour. Yesterday I once again went on a trip with a Deeper sonar, which clearly shows that there are lesser fish now than three weeks ago. We got company by a seal and I got a new PR in crab. 

For me it is always cool watching seals in the harbour. This year I´ve seen three, one of them at Langelinje, and two at Orientkaj.

I know that they are not good for fishing as they scare of the fish, but they are such elegant and curious creatures. This guy suddenly turned up and looked at me while I was fishing at Copenhagen International School.

Difficult fishing by now

In general the grind is getting harder and harder in the harbour. Only three weeks ago it was still pretty easy to catch cod in the harbour if you put in an effort. But now the picture is different.

On the 22th of December I went out fishing on three spots with Ewout who had his Deeper sonar with him. It clearly showed that there are not as many fish left in the harbour as just three weeks ago. If you compare to the start of December there was only one third or fourth of the live we see now.

We could still see a few fish lurking 1-2 meters from the bottom at Oceankaj where there are 11 meters in depth. I am pretty sure those were cod.
And on all three spots we fished, then we saw some fish standing alone about 2-3 meters from the surface. It is harder to say, what they were but maybe seatrout or some small pollock or cod.

But there are no doubt that there are less fish here now, both in the bottom and in the top of the water column. This does not mean that you can´t catch fish. It just means that you need to put in more casts pr. fish. So get ready for some intense grinding, if you want to catch harbour cod right now.

New pr crab

We tried to catch both flatfish and cod with no luck. I had a few quick contacts on whole shrimps, but the fish were really shy and didn´t take aggressively like they did just a month ago. Still I managed to land a giant new PR crab. Just have a look!

Merry Christmas y´all. See you in 2019!

One thought on “Winter means fewer fish is in the harbour

  1. Winter is tough on the other side of the pond as well. My motto so far is embrace the suck!

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