Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

What is the connection between Toldboden in Copenhagen, Kendrick Lamar and cod? Let me explain.

Copenhagen cod Toldboden

Ok, so the last 10 days I have been on some trips to my usual spots in Nordhavn. It’s pretty stubborn and stupid, because there has been almost no sign of fish. But sometimes I just get to conservative, when I really should be moving on.

So Yesterday I gave it another shot at one of my favorite places in Nordhavn at Midtermolen. It is a spot with a lot of current and a large pile, which is overgrown with mussels. A perfect buffet for a large harbor cod no doubt. But alas, no fish.

Reluctantly, I had to surrender to the idea that Nordhavn just doesn’t hold a lot of fish now, and therefore I cycled to Toldboden, which is away ground for me.

In my ears I had one of the best hip hop albums in recent times – Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN.”. An album which he received a Pulitzer prize for as the first rap artist ever.

First, it didn’t help me much when I got a solid bottom bite. But when the exceptionally beautiful number “LOVE.” Came on, there was a ferocious cod that showed my red jig some love and went for it close to shore.

After a short fight I could land a small, fat harbor cod on 47 cm, which had a goldsinny wrasse on approx. 10 cm in the stomach. A perfect way to end a warm December evening in the dark.

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