Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

This week I guided Dana, Aigars and their friend on a fishing trip in Copenhagen. Or to be honest, it turned out to be them that guided me.

When Dana and Aigars from the UK visited Copenhagen this week, they used most of their time walking around the city and fishing. I am pretty sure their leg muscles must now be enormous with all the miles they walked, and their arms must be tired after all the fish they caught.

Ok. I might be exaggerating a bit, but they really put in a lot of energy in their cool couple jackets and fishing beanies. And it paid of…

On the evening we met, I had planned to show them 3-4 good spots in the harbour, but when we met they already had a specific spot in mind with a special view. I have never fished the spot before, but this surely wont be the last time I go there.

Cod jackpot

I am afraid I won´t share the location. You will have to come with me to find out 😉 But it surely works. In the night time it only took 1.5 hours for Dana, Aigars and their friend to land no less than six cod. No monsters but all decent fish. Aigars even came back the day after, and landed two bigger cod as well.

Well done guys! If you ever come to Copenhagen again, and get some bicycles, then look me up, and we´ll do a bike trip where I show you some of the other many good places you can fish.

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