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Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Jannick from Allround Fishing Denmark has hit jackpot the last three days catching no less than 10 seatrouts in Copenhagen.

When it comes to fishing in Copenhagen Harbour few – if any – other anglers are more hard working and skilled than Jannick Lønbøg Rottensten from Allround Fishing Denmark.

Earlier, the young angler has published a lot of great videos where he catches harbour cod. But these days it is seatrout that has his attention. And it seems he has found a successful recipe. The last three days he has landed a lot of seatrouts in a spot in Copenhagen Harbour.

A jumping seatrout that Jannick caught in Copenhagen in the beginning of February

Small lures and worms

You can understand he is a little quiet about the spots, but he has been kind enough to share his methods:

I´ve been catching these fish both on small rotational lures in red and black and on float and worms. I´ve been catching 10 seatrouts the last three days in the harbour, but I have also put a lot of hours in it. But when you find them, it can be really fun.

Jannick Lønbøg Rottensten

54 cm harbour seatrout from Copenhagen harbour

Thank you for sharing Jannick and well fished! Always interesting to see what you are up to in the harbour.

Send your own reports from Copenhagen

You can follow Jannick and Allround Fishing Denmark on their Youtube channel or on Instagram.

If you catch a spectacular fish in Copenhagen like Jannick, then you are always welcome to send it to me on

I am happy to share both saltwater and freshwater reports.

Tight lines!

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