Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

It felt like spring yesterday in Copenhagen where we enjoyed 6 degrees Celsius, a bit of sun and a mild Western wind. The cod also got the memo and I had some pretty good fishing catching cod on black grubs and live bloodworm.

There have been no catch guarantee on the harbour fishing trips in December and January.

Nothing unusual in that though. Cod are not lovers of very cold, shallow water and their feeding periods are shorter this time of year.

Now, being concerned about our environment, I am not too happy about how our winters are getting warmer and warmer each year and this year has been no exception. I won´t get into any big discussion about it with climate sceptics about this. I just conclude that it concerns me.

Third time´s a charm

The mild weather can be beneficial for the cod fishing though, so when the weather forecast promised 7 degrees Celsius and mild western winds yesterday evening, I had to go.

Armed with black grubs, live bloodworms, beers and a Deeper sonar, me and Ewout Mannes cycled out to the first spot where we arrived at 17.00. I know the spot pretty well and it has been delivering some pretty good fishing lately, so my hopes were pretty high.

We started of fishing with black grubs, and after an hour the first fish went for it. It was a decent cod that came up to the surface but then rolled around in the surface and got off.

After a bit of swearing I fished on, and another cod went for it. Unfortunately, the exact same thing happened. The fish came to the surface, got rid of the hook, and swam away while laughing at my ugly face. Damn you cod!

Ewout and I ate our sandwich and made some offerings to the great cod god. That helped. About 19.30 an extremely beautiful cod went for it, and this time it was hooked so well, that I couldn’t loose it if I tried.

Bloodworm and Deeper

After thanking the fishing gods we cycled on to the next spot. A spot where Ewout´s Deeper sonar have previously showed lots of fish.

When we arrived he cast it out just 1 meter from shore and it looked like there was a fish or two down in 4 meters depth.

I adjusted my float stop so that the hook would be in 3.5 meters depth and put a fat bloodworm on. While the bait was only just sinking down the float started dancing and then it went straight under, and I could land a very fat but very short cod, that I released after a kiss.

It was my first success with sightfishing for cod using Deeper and worm, and I plan learning to master this type of fishing here in 2019. Stay tuned for updates.

Soon the winter will be history and March will hopefully come with some good seatrout, pike and cod fishing… Maybe I´ll meet some of you guys out there.

Tight lines.  

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