Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

We enjoyed no less than 11 degrees celsius in Copenhagen this weekend. I experimented with my worm and sonar setup while my fishing buddy Ewout got rewarded with a good fish.

On a weekend like this, with 10-11 degrees celsius, it should be illegal to stay at home. The water temperature is also rising a bit up to 5-6 degrees celsius and that can make the cod more willing to bite.

Obviously I had to do some fishing, and I was accompanied by my fishing buddy Ewout. Ewout has joined me on a number of trips this Winter, and his endless patience on frosty January evenings has been impressive even when the fishing has been hard. So he deserves a good fish or ten. Maybe it would come this weekend?

 Rainworm and sonar not the recipe to heaven

Lately I´ve doon my first experiments with sonar and bloodworm and I continued the experiments this weekend.

On the first spot in Nordhavn I threw my Deeper out, and it very limited amounts of fish on 7 meters depth and one on only 1.5 meters. Unfortunately they were not interested in neither grubs or rainworms.

The amount of fish is still far from impressive, so it will probably take some weeks or a month until the fishing gets really good here.

Screenshot showing one fish in 1 meters depth and one in 7 meters.

We decided to cycle to a spot in the inner city, but it seemed like all tourists in Copenhagen had the same idea, so after a few casts we moved on to our final destination close to the on Lynetten.

Good bite

At Lynetten there was also lots of anglers, runners and tourists enjoying the day.

I kept trying to catch a fish with worm and sonar, but there was little fish to see, and the ones I did see was 7-9 meters deep down, making it difficult to use a float. (At least for a float fishing rookie like me).

We were beginning to loose hope a bit, and the mind started wondering like it always does when there is no action. But I snapped back to reality when I heard Ewout yelling “Fish on”. A good cod had inhaled his black grub while it was sinking down just after the cast.

The rod bent heavily but Ewout kept his calm and after a short fight and some nerve wrecking dancing in front of the net, the cod was landed.

Measuring 55,5 cm it was a nice fish and a great reward for all his patience. Big congrats mate! Well deserved.

As for myself. I blanked.

But no shame in that. I am still perfectioning my sonar-worm setup and learning a lot.

I firmly believe that the combination of classic grubs for the bottom column and float and worm for the upper water column, will be really effective, when I master it, and the Spring really kicks in.

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