Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

This week I opened the Spring season with guided fishing trips, on an evening trip with Joan from Andorra. We enjoyed some good fishing, and it will only get better from now on.

“You dont catch fish from your couch”….

Said Joan from Andorra and I, who went fishing in the pouring rain this Thursday.

On the first spot, the sonar showed only 1 fish. Joan casted in the direction of it, and BOOM. This 54 cm male went for his grub. Well fished!

On the next spot I ran into two small fish that bit really hard. The wintertime where they were cautious is history now. They really go for it without hesitation.

Last spot of the evening was Ofelia Plads. The sonar showed a lot of fish in 3 and 8 meters, and I even saw some surfacing. But these did not take my grub.

This was such a great way to start the spring season, in spite of the shitty weather. Cant wait for much more.

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