Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Jasper, a PhD-student living in Austria, booked me to teach him how to catch Copenhagen cod. The same evening we went out, and after a slow start, Jasper ran into a double bite in the night

Jasper is here in the city for some weeks, and so he wanted to do some fishing for himself. Instead of taking the slow road by going on trying out for himself, he booked a trip with me.

Jasper was an experienced angler, and after I had showed him the basic principles, then we went straight at it, at the first spot. I had my sonar with me, and it didn´t show many fish there on the day, so we moved fast to a new spot.

Here I quickly got at 40cm ish cod, that nailed the black grub hard while it sank. Around us, other anglers were also catching fish, so it seemed to be a good period. Jasper also got a good bite, but unfortunately it went off quite fast.

Darkness started falling and we moved to the third spot of the evening where we ate. The sonar showed a good deal of fish here, but they were not taking either grubs or whole shrimps. Sometimes they are just picky.

So we walked to the fourth and final spot as the clock reached 9. The sonar showed lots of fish here – big shoals both on 3-4 meters and on the bottom at 8-9 meters. Now we just needed them to bite.

Night time is the right time

I stayed in the background cleaning Jaspers fish, while Jasper and Johnni Frederiksen, who were with us, got on with it. Suddenly the bonanza started…

In only 17 minutes Jasper and Johnni landed four cod from 40-54 cm in the same little area standing shoulder to shoulder. Well done!

I was reduced to Chief Net Officer and took care, of all the netting, cleaning of fish and kisses for the smaller fish that were released. It is a tough job being a fishing guide 🙂

Now is the time to get out

If you are considering a cod trip in the Spring then now, and april, really is the right time. The fish are here in big numbers, and with a little luck and patience, they will surely bite.

Hope to see you out there. Tight lines!

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