Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

It started out with some beers and ended up with a giant cod for Copenhagen angler Magnus a week ago in the Harbour.

I stumbled upon a picture of a giant harbour cod on my Instagram lately. It was Magnus Petersen, who is one of the skilled young Copenhagen anglers that fish the harbour a lot. Go check his instagram here. I wrote him to learn more about this big fish, and he was kind enough to send me this catch report:

Beer and cod in the nighttime

– It all started when me and some boys went out with some beers on a spot I had found some days before. We made some casts and got a couple of 1 and 2 kg. cod. But later in the night about 23.00, I felt a big nod in the rod, pretty far out in the cast.

I raised the rod and, and when the hook set, my rod started to flex pretty crazy. It took a lot of line so it tightened the drag, but it still kept going. It was obviously a good fish.

A good fight had started but after 6 minutes it finally came close enough to shore, so we could see it and everyone around me started screaming.

Unfortunately we had no net and there was no ladder, so I had to take the chance and pull the big fish up in the line with help from two of my friends.

There it was. A giant harbour cod measuring 80 cm and weighing 4.6 kg. I used my Savage Gear Roadrunner, and I got it on a transparent jig with some black and silver colors.

Congrats Magnus! Well fished.

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