Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Yesterday Dante and I went fishing with Brett, Dan and Mike from New York. The sun was shining, the cod were biting, the girls were impressed and the beer tasted great. Here is a short recap.

In the Afternoon I met with Dante and made everything ready for our American guests to arrive. Dante is a really great angler with lots of fishing finesse, that we will meet a lot more in Fishing Copenhagen in times to come. But more about him on another occasion…

Fish oooon

Brett, Dan and Mike got a short intro like we always do and then we started fishing. The weather was almost too good with 12 degrees celsius and not much wind, so I didn´t expect that much action until dusk would set in later. But boy, was I wrong…

I was standing talking with Dan, who was is most experienced angler of the three guys, when he got all silent, and his 7 foot Beastmaster rod started bending heavily. This was a good fish. Dante was standing 100 meters from there but he made a Usain Bolt sprint with the net, so we were ready to land it. As it came close, we could see that this was a fish we really did not want to loose. It almost got too exciting when it danced on the corner of the net, but finally Dante could net a beautiful 64 cm cod fresh from the harbour. Well fished by Dan!

On the next spot it was Brett´s turn. A good cod had went for a lure far out in the stream and it took some time and strength to reel the fish in. But the cod was no match for Brett, who displayed a lot of talent within this gentleman sport. As the crew already had caught such a nice cod, Brett decided to release this fat cod, even though it was more than 50 cm. Great gesture from this skilled New York angler! We expect to see great things from him within the coming years.

After Brett had caught his fish, we walked to a new spot. Dan was holding his fish, and got many compliments from people passing by along the way. Some local girls were very impressed when they saw the big fish and they were obviously about to ask for his number to invite him out for a drink. But of course Dante and I politely told them that he already had a girlfriend, to save them from this embarrasment. As we all know, then chicks just dig men with big beards and big fish.

Mike finishes in style

Now Mike had been holding a bit back until now, giving the young guns a chance to catch a fish or two. But skills cant be hidden for long, and in the end of the evening, it was his turn. First he hooked up to a monster bicycle that fought really well, and then a cod took his lure. After a short fight he could release the beautiful fish back into the harbour.

All in all four cod, a double bicycle hookup, some walking beers and a small flounder. Great stats from these three American pro anglers. Hope you guys have a great last day of your trip and safe journey overseas.

Dante and Anders over and out

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