Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

It is always a great pleasure to go pike fishing for the first time in the year at beautiful Kastellet in Copenhagen. But catchwise then the season couldn´t have started worse for me than it did today

I meet with my friend Michael and Anders just before dawn at 5.30 today. Usually the fishing is great just after the preservation period ends and it also was today, just not for me.

After quickly catching some roaches for livebait we went to the first spot and casted out. It took only 15 minutes and then Anders float went under. After a short fight a pretty 4-5 kilo pike went into the net in the morning light. Good stuff!

Now it was my turn. The float went under for 12-13 seconds and… It came back up. The pike had gotten away.

At the next spot I put my roach out and the same thing Immediately happened. Michael came over, and he quickly got two small pikes just next to me. Then it was Anders´turn again and he also landed a small one.

This picture kept going during the day. I lost 6-7 pikes that took my roach and either quickly spat it out or got away with the whole thing.

Michael and Anders also lost some, but they also kept getting a lot. As they kept catching I got more and more desperate. I checked my hooks. I compared the depth we fished in. I looked at the led to see if anything was wrong there. But everything looked fine, and there were absolute no difference between my rig and the two other guys. I just couldn´t hook a fish, while they kept landing em´. We were even standing next to each other but that didn´t change anything.

Cannibal fish

That pikes are not to mess with was obvious, when Anders hooked on to a quite small pike at lunchtime. The fight was quickly done, and it seemed like the fish wanted to be landed in a hurry. When it got on shore, Anders´ found out why. A bigger pike had went for it and had ripped its side up. These fish are so aggressive and cannibalistic.

12 fish – 0 for me

All in all Anders got 5 fish, Michael got 7 fish, and I got 0 fish. It actually hurts a bit writing this. I dont even think I fished badly. Did exactly the same thing as the two others. This just wasn´t my day.

But great to be starting the season none the less, and I will make a comeback soon 🙂

Tight lines / Anders

This should have been a picture showing me posing with a monster pike. Unfortunately the monster pike had other plans today.

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