Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

When Ann visited Copenhagen, she invited her husband and son on a guided fishing trip with our guide Frederik. On a beautiful sommer Evening they managed to land four beautiful cod in Nordhavn.

The party started at the bridge by Midtermolen where the youngest member of the fishing crew quickly caught a 45 cm cod on a softbait fished slowly over the bottom.

They then walked over to Pakhuskaj in the end where it is shallow with lots of weed over the bottom. Normally not the best spot, but the father wanted to try his luck for a few casts, before moving to deeper water. That was a good idea.

A good shoal of cod had found their way into the bassin, and he landed three fish in a short period of time. Awesome job!

The party ended their evening close to Toldboden. The sunset which is usually good for some fish, didn´t play along this night, and there were no more cod. But a great trip anyway! Hope you guys enjoyed your stay in Copenhagen.

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