Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Over the last three weeks, the cod have moved to deeper territory where the water is a bit colder. We now catch them on 14-15 meters or more.

As readers of this blog will know, I enjoyed some pretty fantastic cod fishing in april and May on 7-8 meters depth. One of the spots that had fished great in the Spring was the reef just west of Middelgrundsfortet. But when I went to the same spot in mid June, the fishing was much slower, and the giant shoals of fish seemed to have moved.

My friend and I fished there for a few hours with only a few bites. One of the fish I caught, was a strange looking dark cod with a very characteristic nose. I also got a beautiful small pollack that was released. But apart from that no action.

Soon after I went out again. This time I chose a spot about 1.5 kilometers North of Middelgrundsfortet. Here there was 14 meters deep. I fished with a 100 gram pilk and my usual red squid rig, and it paid of with five cod, a flounder and a dab.

It is not that usual that flatfish go for the pilk, but it happens once in a while. Still it was kind of against the odds to land two flatfish on this method in a few hours. Øresund is always good for a surprise.

First trolling try

I am still a rookie within small boat fishing, and I am learning so many new tips along the way. After I started fishing from boat, I have mainly focused on deep sea pilking for cod. But in the beginning of July I also did my first experiments with trolling.

I don´t have very sophisticated trolling gear (yet), and I am using Dipsy Divers and 40 grams lures to fish in 4-6 meters depth. This works ok, even thought I have some beginner problems.

In the hour where I tried the method I caught two garfish and lost some bites as well. Garfish is not a first prize, but it is always good to see that your method works. Hopefully a big cod, or maybe a seatrout, might soon go for it.

Tight lines / Anders

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