Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

When Chi and his son visited Copenhagen this week, they wanted a real Øresund fishing experience. They got what they came for. Three different species and 25 fish in total. Here is how it all went down.

Chi contacted me and asked for an exclusive private fishing trip with good chances of a great catch. Right now the water in the harbour is way too hot, to catch cod in the daytime, but the boat fishing out on Øresund is just epic. So I arranged that my friend, Skipper Jan, would bring the guys out for a combined cod and flatfish trip.

Chi asked that we didn´t go out when the waves were big, so we looked in the weather forecast, and found a time where there were not much wind.

Quiet start before it exploded

The day started at 10.00 from Fiskerihavnen, where the group met and sailed two kilometers North of Middelgrunden. The current was going North and it was pretty strong, so heavy gear was needed.

At first Jan struggled a bit to find the fish. But soon he found a small spot on 17 meters depth, where a large shoal of cod were ready for action.

After a bit of practice then the guys really learned how to trick and land these deep sea cod. Using 200-300 gram pilks they caught 10 cod up to 2.5 kilo in no time, and had a blast.

Kickass flounder fishing

But the day was not over yet. Jan sailed to a new secret spot of his. In fact it is so secret that he might break my legs, if I mention it.
But I can say, that it is in 8 meters dept and flatfish are really biting there right now. Of course he had polychaete worms with him, and that was more than the flatfish could resist.

In a few hours the guys landed 15 European flounders and one beautiful plaice. Not bad at all.

Chi brought some of the fish with him home, and I imagine it must have been a really delicious feast the family had that evening. No fish tastes better that the ones you catch yourself.

Thank you very much for joining our trip guys, and safe journeys back to Vietnam!

Get a taste of Øresund yourself

A catch like this is not something unusual for Jan at the moment. He often helps guests fill up their cod quota pr. day. If you feel like trying for yourself, then you can read about his exclusive private boat trips through this link.

Tight lines / Anders

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