Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Last Thursday we hosted the largest guided street fishing trip we have done so far. The spirits and alcohol intake was high.

Last week eight friendly blokes from Rostock spent an extended weekend in Copenhagen. As they have reached an age where they (in their own words) can no longer do three nights of heavy drinking and clubbing in a row, they decided to book an evening with streetfishing.

Frederik, Dante and I were ready to receive them in Nordhavn, where they showed up half an hour before sunset with 50 Grøn Tuborg and three bottles of cognac.

I´ll be honest. All sorts of questions went through our heads. Like:

  • Will we have to jump in the harbour after them, when they get so hammered that they fall in?
  • Can fish smell alcohol?
  • How many fishing rods will be broken tonight?
  • What is the meaning of life?

But it turned out that the crew had brought the cognac for us (THANK YOU!) and that 50 beers were no problem for these experienced Germans.

Sascha: The German king of the harbour

We divided them into three teams – Union Dorsch, Hertha Meerforelle and Bayer Zander – and started fishing.

Union Dorsch keeping it real. From left: Thilo, Tom and Ron. Without a doubt the most hardcore fishing crew ever to come out of Rostock.

Six of them had never used a fishing rod before, but they quickly learned it and fished well through the first 90 minutes. Half however, slowed the fishing down a bit then, to dedicate their energy to slam some pils. A task which they performed really well!

The rest grinded on making cast after cast, and in total the teams landed four cod in a couple of hours of fishing. The experienced angler Sascha became the German king of the harbour with a 60 cm fish, landed by sunset. We expect to be reading more about him within the coming years, as he is a shining star among fishing talents in Central Europe. He surely has the potential to become the Marcus Allbäck of streetfishing.

What a great evening in Nordhavn. Thank you for coming Tom, Max, Thilo, Philipp, Julien, Brian, Sascha and Ron! We had a blast. Prost and tight lines.

Frederik, Dante and Anders

Sascha (left) is without a doubt a very talented angler. We expect a big career within sports fishing for him.
The rods are ready for the german guests.

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