Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Spring is arriving soon, and in the middle of March we once again start doing a bunch of guided streetfishing trips in the harbour. But we already had a couple of cool guests that were not afraid of a little cold weather and asked for a Winter trip.

Victorious Vittorio with his first cod

One of them is Vittorio, who booked Dante to show him some good spots for the Spring, and learn him the basic techniques. It was a cold day, and the cod were not biting when the two guys went out. But Vittorio got the hang of it, and one week later he went at it again.

The Italian fisherman went grinding on Lynetten in the storm and he managed to catch this badboy on a 25 gram jighead with a grey and white shad.
Vittorio almost lost the fish, as he had no net, and there was a long distance from the quay to the surface. He has now bought a net, so this risk wont ever come up again.

Well done Vittorio! Sure this is only the first of many cod from the harbour from you.

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