Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

I arrived at the reef Yesterday after a long walk. Powerful winds had stirred the sea to a dark brownish color. Usually not the best of conditions. But big seatrouts occasionally hunt close to shore here and 50 meters out more visible shades were visible through the surface.

The day before I had noticed a shoal of sandeels on another spot close by, so I chose a 19g dark red sandeel imitation and rigged it with a release connector and a small treble hook.

This Winter I have visited this spot six times catching only one small seatrout, so my reactions might have been a bit slow. But I woke up as the sandeel broke the waves 70 meters out and a seatrout brutally inhaled it. The rod bended, the brake started running and a massive silver side went out of its natural element.

Two times more the aggressive fish catapulted out of the water and put my gear to the test. Anxiety increased when it came near a giant stone formation, but I steered it away and a few waves later it was in the net.

Legs were shaking as I walked on land and it lasted some time before my heart rate was down to normal. Still high today.

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