Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Nicolas and Jacob wanted to catch the first fish of their lives, and who better to help them do so than our pike guide Anders Bylov.

If there is one good thing to come from this terrible pandemic, it is that young Danish people have started fishing more than ever. In the Spring there was sold 15 % more fishing licenses in Denmark than the years before. People are looking for great experiences close to their homes and a fishing trip is the perfect way to get out.

Anyway, young guns Nicolas and Jacob had never tried catching a fish before Nicolas contacted us and asked for a guided pike trip. So our guide Anders Bylov from Pike Team Ferrari picked them up, and they went fishing on one of his favorite lakes close to Copenhagen.

The young anglers trolled with fire lakes and big perch and trout imitations. Some of these imitations are as big as up to 40 cm long, but this doesn´t keep fish from 70-80 cm to go for them. Crazy how aggressive these pikes are.

It wasn´t an easy day on the water. The wind made it a bit difficult at times, but Anders always knows where to find the fish, and the guys managed to catch a good deal of fish and even land a beautiful double.

Congrats on the beautiful crocs to Nicolas and Jacob. Two new anglers are born.

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