Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

August is high season for mackerel and skipper Jan Svenstrup has no problem finding massive shoals of mini tuna on Øresund.

Sergey and his friends got loads of mackerel and sunshine on their trip to Øresund.

Mackerel is not a big fish but surely it is one of the strongest when you consider its size. Thats what Sergey and his two friends experienced when they went fishing with our skipper Jan this weekend. Jan quickly found a shoal of fish, and then the drags started running.

Jan primarily fish with float and herring and attracts the mackerels to the boat with chum.

If you want to try your own luck with mackerel or some of the other species that Øresund hold then you can read more about our Øresund trips here.

Hope you are all enjoying the Summer out there!

Tight lines / Anders

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