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There were happy days on the quay in the Port of Copenhagen, when 300 anglers competed for the title as Master of the Harbor 2020 on Saturday. Many beautiful cod were registered for the competition, and there were especially two times a day that the fish were caught.

(Photos: All photography in this article has been shot by Frederik Lorentzen from Inwaders Media. Check out his website here.)

On Saturday at sunrise, the starting shot went for the third edition of Havnecup 2020, which was arranged by Fishing Copenhagen and Danmarks Sportsfiskerforbund. This year’s Havnecup was an extended version compared to previous years, as By & Havn had given permission to fish almost the entire harbor this day.

The 300 participants were up for it and grinded it out with jigs, lures and bait from Sydhavn to Svanemøllen. The quiet grey weather laid a nice setting over the quay from the morning, and the cod were on their fins immediately. The catch reports ticked in lively in the first hour between 7.15 and 8.00, where three fish of 68.5, 68 and 67 cm quickly seized the podium places.

After that, the catches became a little more scattered, and even though 14 more fish were reported for the competition before lunch, there were none that were big enough to change the top 3.

In first place was Jasper London with a 68.5 cm Langelinje cod from the very first cast 7.22 in the morning. Jasper had begun to get used to the title as Master of the Harbor, but he was pushed from the podium from 13 to 14, when the biggest harbor cod suddenly became hungry.

Big cod in the bite between 13 and 14

At the Bungy Jump quay, Jesper Matz got a hard take on a classic golden Abu-blink, and after a good fight, which Jesper even caught on video, he landed a beautiful 77 cm harbor cod. Suddenly Jesper was in pole position for the first place and glory.

But further south another big cod was searching the quay for prey. Michael Hohlbein had moved from spot to spot before catching a cod about 60 cm in front of the House of Engineers at lunchtime. Michael decided to stay around in the square and 13.15 he felt a heavy hit on his red jig. The rod completely bent, and Michael quickly realized that he would have a hard time landing the fish alone. Luckily, a family came by and the father offered Michael to assist him. With sweat dripping under his cap, Michael was able to lead the cod into the net. It was a thick crabeater measuring 81.5 cm and four kilos.

A total of 19 cod over 60 cm were reported, but Michael’s cod was not surpassed, and at the end of the competition it was Michael, Jesper and Jasper who would stand out as winners. Michael can now call himself Master of the Harbor (Havnehersker) until next year’s competition, and all the winners went home with great gear from Sport Dres. Congrats to them!

Michael Hohlbein became Master of the Harbor with this 81.5 cm cod caught in front of Ingeniørernes Hus.

8000 kroner donated to Green Kayak

The profit from the tournament this year goes to Green Kayak, which helps to keep the Port of Copenhagen clean with their kayaks. They can look forward to receiving 8.000 kroner for their important work.

Thanks to all the participants who turned up and showed good angling and corona style. We hope you will join us again for Havnecup 2021!

Tight lines / Anders

Ofelia Kaj was one of the most popular spots. But the biggest fish were caught in Sydhavn, Halvandet and Langelinje.

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