Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Admitted. I fish far from as much as I want to these years. With two small children, 90 % of my spare time is reserved for family. But I walk hundreds of mails with my children carrier, and sometimes I stumble ascross lakes and canals etc.

Today I walked by the canal close to Fields shopping mall. I know it holds smaller pikes, but it has never looked like much to me. The water is green, and it is not a beautiful fishing spot. But none the less I got at surprise there today.

The carp must have been somewhere between 2 and 2,5 kg. A welcome sight and a reminder that good sized fish can be found in unfamiliar places in Copenhagen.

Shoud you choose to go and try to catch carp in the canal, please remember to treat them with care. Not sure how many there are out there, but my guess would be not that many. So lets look out for them.

Tight lines / Anders

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