Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Jannick from Allround Fishing Denmark has hit jackpot the last three days catching no less than 10 seatrouts in Copenhagen. When it comes to fishing in Copenhagen Harbour few – if any – other anglers are more hard working and skilled than Jannick Lønbøg Rottensten from Allround Fishing Denmark. Earlier, the young angler has published …

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This week I guided Dana, Aigars and their friend on a fishing trip in Copenhagen. Or to be honest, it turned out to be them that guided me.

At the Havnehyggecup 2018 Jonas Bosse Johansen got a lot of attention thanks to his cool fishing bicycle with mounted rod holders. Three persons have contacted me afterwards to learn more about the bike, so I asked Jonas to share how he turned his bicycle into a lean mean streetfishing machine. In his guest blog …

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There is nothing quite like bicycling through the city in the direction of a quay that you know hold fish. This evening I did just that when I went to Orientkaj in Nordhavn. The spot didn´t fail to deliver.